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AC Replacement in Oroville, Chico, Paradise, CA, and Surrounding Areas

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When an AC system starts to break down, most people’s first response is to schedule an AC repair service in Oroville. While Innovative Heating & Air is happy to provide every cooling service, it may not be the best solution for your AC. In many circumstances, replacing the air conditioner is the most cost-effective option. 

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Air Conditioning Services in Oroville, Chico, Paradise, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Signs You Need AC Replacement in Oroville

It can be challenging to determine when to replace your old air conditioner. Here are a few warning signs that it’s time to start planning for a new and efficient air conditioner.

  • Your Utility Bills are Increasing: A sudden increase in your energy bill for no apparent reason is an early sign of a failing air conditioner. Your air conditioner loses its efficiency as it ages. As a result, it will consume more energy to keep your home or office cool and comfortable.
  • Your Air Conditioner isn’t Blowing Cool Air: If the air coming from the system does not appear as cool as it should be, or if your air conditioner only cools some rooms but not others, you may need to replace the entire unit.
  • Your Air Conditioner is Constantly Running: If your air conditioner is having trouble starting, turning off and on more frequently, or randomly shutting down in the middle of a cycle, you will likely need to replace it.
  • Your Air Conditioner has Reached the End of Its Useful Lifespan: Air conditioners can last for 10-15 years if properly maintained. If your unit is older than ten years, it is significantly less efficient than a new unit. Replacing it could save you money on your monthly utility cost and repairs.
  • Your Air Conditioner Needs Major and Costly Repairs: If your air conditioner is already old and requires a substantial repair, it is usually an indication that the system will require replacement in the future.
  • Leaking or Excess Moisture: If your air conditioner is leaking or producing excessive moisture, you should contact a professional immediately. Furthermore, the leaking fluid could be a refrigerant. Refrigeration is hazardous to one’s health and should only be handled by a skilled professional.

If you notice any of these warning signs that your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently, it’s time to call Innovative Heating & Air professionals for help. Our professional will offer you an honest assessment of whether or not you require AC replacement.

Reliable AC Replacement in Oroville

If you’re considering replacing your air conditioning system in your home or business, let the experienced, professional experts at Innovative Heating & Air assist you. Our experts will evaluate your old system to see if it needs to be replaced, and they will help you choose the best AC for your room that meets your cooling demands and budget while remaining energy-efficient. Our professionals will get your AC correctly installed to ensure that your new system performs optimally.

Not sure whether it’s time to replace your old air conditioning system in Oroville? Contact Innovative Heating & Air for help. Our professional will happily assess your home or office and assist you in making the best decision possible.

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They did a great job installing my HVAC system. They were on time and friendly. Derrick was always checking to see if we were happy with our system or if we had any questions or concerns. He always responded promptly by text. Good price too. Would definitely recommend this company. …

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Dereck was great to work with. Quality workmanship, communicated well and cleaned up after the install. Recommend this business without reservation.

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I was without heat for a few weeks waiting for a home warranty company to have someone come out. When they came, they couldn’t help and didn’t do much to attempt to help. I got Derrick’s name and number from another business owner in town, who I use and trust. …

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Derek showed up and replaced my control board on my heater. Thank you so much. It’s nice having the heater work again especially because it’s been really cold lately. I definitely recommend Derek! Services: Heating system maintenance, Heating system repair